Why I love Barcelona

I know as a web designer, I should be writing about web design stuff, right?

But there is one topic I have to talk about and it is Barcelona. I want to tell you more about this city and why I love it so much!

You might have been here on vacation or you might live here, but I think it is a good idea to give you a perspective, why as a web designer, Barcelona is one of the best cities you could work from. It doesn’ really matter if you’re a web designer. Let’s say digital nomad. Just recently I was working with my Laptop on Barceloneta Beach, while a guy next to me was doing some SEO work with his MacBook Pro.

Barcelona is a paradise for digital nomads. The reason is there is so much going on here. Lot’s of co-working spaces where you will find web designer, SEO’s or Marketing people. You can get great SEO tips in here.

While offering my service as a Freelance SEO for Barcelona I realised that not only once.

gaudi park barcelona
Gaudi Park - Perfect for web design Inspiration.

Barcelona is for creatives.

Not only because of Gaudi’s work, but it is also that there is so much stuff you can take inspiration from. Imaging going to bunker de Carmel and enjoying a beautiful sunset with some Catalan wine and some tapas. You can relax and your brain is just flowing with ideas.

Sometimes I also love to take an early walk through the El Born neighborhood. It is not far away from my apartment and I love to get some fresh air and some coffee, sit down at one of the cafes and enjoy the view of Barcelona waking up.

sagrada familia barcelona
very crowded sometimes but still awesome - The Sacrada Familia.

Now to my most favorite place in Barcelona. The Beaches.

barceloneta beach
Barceloneta Beach - The place to be.

As a web designer, there is no better feeling than taking a break at the beach. Not so much in winter but in spring and summer, there nothing better. The water is so fresh you instantly feel recovered from all of the computer work. Lie down in the sun and get some vitamin D. After that, let’s have lunch at one of Barcelonetas Beach Bars.

I also feel that there is so much going on here. I meet so many people who just come here to start new projects, who are building nice new startups to help others and also I feel like you can find the whole world here.

I am pretty sure you agree with me, whether you living in this beautiful city or you visited once. Barcelona is an awesome place.