Web Development Barcelona

As a Barcelona based Freelancer, I am offering fast, professionell and clean Web Development throughout the whole area of Barcelona. I code my Markup with HTML, CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) & Code with Vanilla Javascript ES6. I am also able to write PHP Code, which is a server site language mostly used for dynamic pages like WordPress. If you just need help with wordpress, check my wordpress service

Coding a Website with CSS.

Front End Development

There is nothing that I outsource and I don’t work with WYSIWYG Software. Specialised as a Front-End Developer, I am able to code pages with CMS like WordPress or with a static site generators like Jekyll along with GitHub Pages.

I make sure your page will work with every common Browser like Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox. Of course I make sure that Internet Explore can handle the code as well.

The Text Editor I use is Sublime Text and I follow all the important rules from the World Wide Web Consortium. clean code and is essential for a good working page. There are tons of libraries, which makes coding pages much easier, sometimes you just don’t need to re-invent the wheel, however in most cases, I don’t use these libraries like Bootstrap.

I like my code to be fully personalised for your needs. For my CSS Markup I am using the css preprocessor SASS.

If you need a E-Commerce website, I code the Front-End in conjunction with WooCommerce & WordPress. WordPress is great for dynamic Pages.

If you use a static page, which is a website that doesn’t work with a database, I will help you to create a GitHub Account and I will create your Page with the static site generator Jekyll. With this interaction you are able to host your page on GitHub, which is one of the most reliable and safest places to host a website.

some of my Web Development Services: