User Interface Design Barcelona

As a Freelance Web Designer, I strive to provide Barcelona with modern, simple & clean Websites. My Freelance service includes the complete production of a Website, starting with the User Interface (UI) Design. I believe every website should focus on User Experience before anything else.

We need to improve the usability because otherwise, no matter how good-looking your page is, you won’t get any conversions. An user shouldn’t have a hard time to reach his goal. Whether it is to get informed, to buy your product or get to know your service. All the visual elements need to work with each other, and it is important, to use the right Typo. Typography can make or break the whole page.

Since I am responsible for the full production of your website, I offer web development, wordpress webdesign, search engine optimization, responsive webdesign & web hosting solutions as well.

Page Layout

I make sure the page layout is adapted to your overall business vision and to your business goals. Your identity needs to be in line with your audience so you can communicate your “Why’s” in a proper way.

Designing and planning a Website.

For everything I design, I use grid technologies to make sure, that your page looks good on every kind of device, doesn’t matter if it is the new iPhone X, an Android phone or some kind of a tablet or wait… the things in between which are called “phablets” nowadays.

I design every page with Sketch which is a beautiful software or let’s call it a “digital design toolkit”. Sketch enables me to do iOS Mirroring, to use Grids and Guides, to export my Code & to edit Vectors. I can combine symbols and sync my design to all devices, which is pretty awesome.

After the Design is done, I write the Markup with HTML and CSS and to breath life into your page I use Javascript, but this is more a development thing. Check the web development section for more information on this.

From Landing Pages to Illustrations: