Search Engine Optimization Barcelona

Your local SEO Expert

With my Freelance Search engine optimization from Barcelona you can increase the organic traffic of your website. I'll make sure, to be your SEO Expert and to answer all your questions.

It doesn’t matter, if you are located in Girona with a local shop or if you are offering a service area business, maybe even for the whole barcelona area. SEO Marketing is one of the most effective ways, to increase your traffic and it is one of the most valueable internet marketing techniques. If you don't have a website yet, check my user interface design service.

From Backlinks to On-Page and technical SEO

The goal of every search engine optimization project is to increase the visibility in the organic search results, also called SERPS. In other words, you don’t have to pay for advertising anymore. You will get your traffic from Googles organic results. This is pretty awesome.

You just need to optimize your page and if you choose the right keywords which contains primary and secondary keywords, you can get a pretty decent ranking in the Search Engine Results Page within a few months.

There are tons of important factors which you have to consider when optimising your page, Google Algorithm gets smarter every day and the most important thing is, to fullfill the right user intent with your website.

illustration of a SEO Crawler
Search Engines Crawl Roboter Illustration.

User Intent and Rank Brain

What I mean by that is, if you visitors just need a quick information how to get from point A to your shop, don’t start talking about your history. Many SEO’s always say content is king, however this is only true if you are also able to satisfy the intent of the user. If the user needs a comprehend piece of content, like an information about how to change a certain lifestyle, offer him a long and valuable blog post which he loves to refer to.

SEO Audits for Barcelona

What I do to increase your page ranking is, first of all I analyse your page. I check the User Experience on the Page and the overall feeling I get from it. Then I check several SEO factors including the following:

This is called an SEO Audit and with this Freelance Audit you'll get a list of things that should improve your page rank within the SERP’s. With every SEO Audit, I will write down exactly what I will do for you, and I will write down results you can see immediately and results you can hopefully see in the future.

With this type of transparency, you know exactly what you pay for. If you have some questions left, contact me any time you like.