Responsive Web Design Barcelona

With my Responsive Webdesign service, I create mobile websites for every device out there. No matter if you are using an iPhone 5, an iPhone X, a Samsung Galaxy S8, an iPad or even an Tablet or a Phablet.

Your content should flow like water. What I mean by that is, no matter how wide the screen size, your titles, your images and the whole content should adapt itself to it. It should “render well”.

To make this work, I use CSS Media Queries (@media). T his is essential for adjusting the content for every viewport and for every browser. No worries, as a Freelance Web Designer from Barcelona, I'll take care of your style sheets and your markup!

picture of an iphone x
Mobile Websites are used more often then Desktop.

Mobile First Indexation

Mobile First is a very common technique used in the web development world. Every web designer mostly starts with implementing the styles and the content for the smallest viewport available. From there on, it is much easier to make the content fit into a bigger screen like a desktop Screen Size.

I use the preprocessor Sass for styling the markup on your page. Mobile First and Responsive web design is getting even more important, because Google is rolling out the “mobile first index”. In other words, when your content isn’t made for smartphones and when your page can not be viewed with ease on an iPhone, Google will stop indexing your page in the search results. Which is a very big impact in terms of Search Engine Optimization. You will miss tons of quality traffic.

My Responsive Web Design Service for Barcelona includes:

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