My Freelance Service for Barcelona

A Summary of all my services

User Interface Design

This is all about colours, fonts and user interaction with your website. I do my UI Design with Adobe Xd and I will make sure your design is consistent and clean. This is the best way do keep your users engaged.

  • Creating a Landing Page to optimize conversions.
  • Design and Rewieving Apps.
  • Fixing Issues like Letter Spacing.
  • Helping with Font Choices.
  • Illustrator and Photoshop work

Web Development

I love to create static sites with Jekyll and GitHub pages. I love to do some Node.JS projects and I love to built new things with JavaScript ES6. If you need someone who can code your page, I can help! For my Coding Editor I use Visual Studio Code.

  • Automated Task system.
  • HTML/CSS/JS tricks.
  • NodeJS development.
  • MangoDB server installation.

Search Engine Optimization

Now SEO is one of the most interesting online marketing fields. I love doing anything about SEO from building data with json, to help you with your local marketing or to manage multiple locations. SEO is for everyone!

  • Searching for the best type of backlinks
  • Boost rankings.
  • Creating blogposts to help with rankings.
  • Redirecting from top level countries - application.
  • SERP description optimization.

WordPress Service

Now if you need a Content Management System with enogh Power to manage your day to day work and business. WordPress is the way to go. From big e-commerce shops to small payment processors or Hero Image Plugins, WordPress does it all!

  • Helping with a PHP upgrade.
  • Optimization of JavaScript files with WordPress.
  • Translation Help.
  • Plugin Integrity check
  • User generated list optimization.
  • Server Respond Errors.

Responsive Web Design Service

Responsive Web Design is the number one User Experience element these days. Most of us use our phones if we visit a website, so without a mobile website you're not going any where these days. Make sure to adapt your website to any device out there! I will help you.